Coffee Bags with one-way valves
Ziplock Gusset Bags

Thriving Enterprises was the first Flexibles Packaging company in Australia to introduce Zip-Lock re-closures for side gusset bags. The growth in the use of zip re-closures has seen Thriving become one of the main suppliers of re-closable bags. and pouches.

Zip-Lock side gusset bags are a great idea for large volume leaf, granular, powder or unitised products. Besides the practical advantages of re-closability and maintaining product freshness after opening, these bags provide:

  • A large opening for easy filling.
  • Automatic machine filling with the application of SNAP SEALS (a patented additional seal set).
  • A space efficient pack to maximise shipper packing.
  • Better utilisation of retail shelf space (see Box Bag).
  • Flat panels for uninterrupted graphics presentation.
  • A range of flat bottom options for excellent upright shelf facings.
  • Can be bottom filled or top filled.

This style of bag is ideal for Coffee, Tea, Muesli, Nuts, Pet Food, Rice, Confectionery etc. Bags can be printed and made to order in a laminate structure to suit your product application, barrier requirements or presentation.

Available options include but are not limited to: Four kinds of zip profiles to suit different applications; Two types of one way valves: Internal & External; SNAP SEAL for automatic machine filling; QUAD Seal with hidden corner seal; Five types of Flat bottoms for self standing; Customised Tin Tie closures; Exotic Paper finishes; Patterned print finishes - Matt with gloss, Gloss with matt finishes; etc.

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