About Us

Thriving Enterprises was founded in 1991 by a team with a long and successful history in flexible Printing and Packaging. Our philosophy: "To gain acceptance by way of advanced technology, and nurture long term business partnerships." This objective was put to the test early in the piece, when our local market for magazine (liquid) sachet inserts was in crisis. Demand was growing, filling skills were available...only the laminated structures were lacking. We accepted the challenge and formulated a product that survives unchanged as the benchmark for that industry. Today our company is recognised as a competitive quality supplier of packaging materials. While much of our business lies with food and cosmetics, tomorrow's project in whatever industry will capture the spirit and enthusiasm of who and what we are. Our philosophy continues to have merit. Success being the reward of commitment. We have grown as a company, our personal service in conjunction with quality and customer support has built our clientele base to more than three hundred valued accounts. Technology when embraced offers flow-on benefits to everyone. Thriving Enterprises knows its future is dependant on being more than just a supplier. To maximise the benefits of technical evolution, Thriving Enterprises trained its staff to act as intermediaries between the Client and Production to ensure effective communication of the customer's requirement. Benefits include:

  1. Experienced advice for correct art layout and formatting.
  2. Using a customer's brief we can recommend the right packaging for your product.
  3. All aspects are explained and considered to ensure the best economic outcome without risk to customer's product.
  4. Optimum visual presentation is assured with Gravure printing. Inhouse investment in Gravure cylinder computer engraving allows us total control of image quality and production for a lower cost to our customers
  5. Thriving provides "true to colour" fully printed sample proofs for approval - no longer a "computer generated impression".

The contest never ends. Search the world as well as within. To make better and more affordable products. The template however remains the same. Use the best materials; process them using the latest equipment; price them competitively; convey this message and make the products available to the world...it works for us!

  1. Our manufacturing site in Taiwan is ISO22000 and HACCP certificated with a Class 10,000 FS209 clean room facility.
  2. Where specified, all materials meet "International Food Grade Standards and all laminates use adhesives sourced ex Germany."
  3. Printing and converting is conducted under stable environmentally controlled manufacturing conditions.

Why we are competitive?
Our large and regular weekly import volume provides us with attractive buying prices, lower product cost, economic freight rates, frequent sailings, lower bulk agency fees and better supplier service i.e. favourable production lead-times, reduced minimum run quantities, attention for special or urgent requests etc. All this helps overheads remain low - our service remains high - our customers benefit. Individuals dealing directly with overseas suppliers on the other hand end up paying all these associated costs, usually at higher rates for LCL, marginally less for FCL, take all the risk, has to manage importation, pay up front, receive limited professional advice, get little or no local support and inflexible service when unexpected challenges occur.