Die-Cut Pouches

Die-cut Stand-Up pouches, sachets or bags are a novel way to get instant consumer recognition of your product amongst the retail shelf noise that every product competes against. Shapes you may have seen; Feet (Skin Gel), Jugs (gravy), bottles (water), Kittens (cat food), Pineapples (Fruit drink), Cartoon characters (Children's drinks).

Shapes can also include a functional aspect such as forming a pour spout, wasted hand hold, handle or hanging feature. Ideal for liquids, creams and any viscose product, whether its 10ml or 1 litre, Thriving can produce a shape to your design.

Shaped pouches will automatically take up their shape when fill, and are the ideal replacement / alternative for rigid bottles and tins etc. Being able to pack flat until fill, pouches create an obvious improvement in transportation and storage efficiency, i.e. one pallet of flat pouches may equal a semi-trailer of empty bottles in volume. Reducing in volume after used, pouches present a minimal landfill impact.

Thriving has a wide range of decorative treatments available to you to really give your product that "eye-catching impact" you have been looking for. These being too numerous to list here, please contact Thriving - Sydney or Melbourne offices - to discuss with one of their experienced representatives.