Pouches with Pour Spout
Pouches with Pour Spout

These packaging options are viable and economical when compared to the packaging limitations of yesterday. Stand-up Pouches / Pouches with pour spouts offer an 'ideal' replacement for rigid containers in Tin; Glass; Plastic Bottles etc.

Fully printable, with a variety of spout options, retailers have welcomed the versatility now available to them. These include a gusseted base to stand upright; side gussets for compactness in transport and shelf display; and re-closable screw caps.

The development of compact semi & fully automatic filling machinery has assisted in making this form of packaging for liquids an attractive low cost proposition available to small and large processors.

Spouted pouches are also a response to consumer concerns regarding waste reduction. Flexible packaging waste studies show pouches, bags and flexible packaging in general make up only a small proportion of the waste deposited into landfill.

These pouches are produced in a wide range of sizes with several different styles of spouts in a range of diameters from 6mm - 35mm.

Also available:

Shaped pouches.

Retortable spouted pouches can withstand temperatures up to 135℃ that are available.

Pump Dispensers - an interesting alternative for lotions and creams.

Suggested products include: Fruit, Sauce, Cheese, Liquids (wines), Honey, Cream, lotions, Shower Gel, Shampoo & Conditioner, Laundry Detergent.

Thriving also produces a Cake Decorating kit, inclusive of pouch and a variety of decorating nozzles.

Pouches with Pour Spout