Retort Pouches Bags
Retort Pouches Bags

Retortable pouches are an increasingly popular alternative to metal cans for their ability to reduce energy through shorter cook times, preserve foods for a long life shelf, open by hand, carry high quality Gravure printed graphics, contribute to landfill reduction and reduce transportation costs.

Retort pouches must be tough to withstand the extreme high temperatures and pressures of the retort processing environment. To produce them successfully requires the best technology and suitable experience.

Thriving has had over 20 years experience and the technical know-how to be a leader in this field.

Suitable for Ready-to-eat meals, Soups, Sauces and Pet Food. Microwavable or boil in bag - Retort pouches must use top quality laminates, have high strength seals, superior barrier and be able to withstand temperatures as high as 135℃ for 15 min in a pressurised retort chamber.

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