Flat Bottom Bags
Flat Bottom Bags

Thriving is the flat bottom bags specialist - with over five kinds flat bottom bags to suit different applications and markets in Australia. Thriving is considered the one that will meet your special needs.

Flat bottom bags have side gussets forming some of the most space efficient packs in terms of product to pack material ratios available. Their squarer shape allows better shipper and pallet utilisation, as well as maximising your retail shelf space.

Thriving's flat bottom bags include: The Box flat bottom bag with and without zip; The Air-tight flat bottom bags available with one-way valve & custom decorated Tin-ties. Paper laminated Flat Bottom Bag available with clear die-cut window & hot-foil stamped; QUAD seal bags with corner seals for unobstructed printed panels.

Thriving can formulate material structure combinations to suit your specific product application.

USER FRIENDLY options available: Four different Recloseable ZIPS / One-way valves / Custom decorated Tin Ties / Windows through Metallised films / Die-cut windows through Paper and foil structures / Multiple Colour Hot foil stamp inks / Exotic Paper finishes / Patterned Matt with gloss finish / Pour spouts / Easy Open / Easy tear / Microwaveable. Bag sizes up to 50kgs pack.